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Reapplying Thermal Paste to the CPU and GPU 


Reapplying Thermal Paste to 

the CPU and GPU 

Written By: graypickney 


MacBook Pro and Air 5-Point Pentalobe 
Screwdriver (1) 

| © PARTS: 

Arctic Silver Thermal Paste (1) 
• ArctiClean (1) 

Step 1 — Lower Case 

• Remove the following pentalobe 
screws securing the lower case to 
the MacBook Pro with Retina 

♦ Eight 3.0 mm 

• Two 2.3 mm 

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Reapplying Thermal Paste to the CPU and GPU 

Step 2 

• Lifting from the edge nearest the 
clutch cover, lift the lower case off 
the MacBook Pro. 

• Set the lower case aside. 

Step 3 — Reapplying Thermal Paste to the CPU and GPU 

• First, take off the rear panel on the Macbook Pro. You will need to use a screwdriver to 
remove Apple's pentalobe screws. 

• I used paper to make a layout of the screw locations just in case they were different 
screws; luckily they weren't. 

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Reapplying Thermal Paste to the CPU and GPU 

Step 4 

• Once opened up, you'll see the battery sticker. Peel back the sticker and disconnect the 
battery cable. See the breakdown review for better pictures on removing the battery cable. 

• Luckily, to remove the heatsink, you don't have to remove anything else except for the 
battery cable and screws holding it down. 

• After the battery is disconnected, note the locations of the screws on the heatsink. there 
are 4 screws around both the CPU and GPU along with a screw at each end of the 

• The screw on one end of the heat sink has a rubber cap. Remove the cap to access the 

Step 5 

• Remove this caked on thermal paste with the ArctiClean. 

• Do the same for the CPU and GPU. 

• Note: the black borders around the CPU and GPU seems to be unattached on one side. 
Don't worry, you didn't break it. Be sure to thoroughly remove the excess cleaning solution 
from under it by gently blowing it out if necessary. I'm sure it will evaporate in a timely 
manner otherwise. 

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Reapplying Thermal Paste to the CPU and GPU 

Step 6 

• Re-apply your quality thermal paste 
to the now shiny clean CPU and 
GPU. DO NOT use too much. We 
don't want to overdo it like Apple. A 
line the size of a grain of rice on 
both the CPU and GPU should be 
perfect. **You do not need to apply 
thermal paste on the heatsink as 
well - only on the CPU and GPU. 

• Re-assemble the MBP, making 
sure to spread out the paste evenly 
as you place and screw the 
heatsink back in. Also remember 
that the paste will spread as the 
unit heats up. DO NOT leave air 
pockets in the paste when covering 
the processor and GPU. 

• I got temps about 10-12C cooler 
during game usage. Have fun with 
your cooler MBPr. 

To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order. 

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